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What is JioMeet? Will it Challenge Zoom in the Market?

What is JioMeet? Reliance Jio, the telecom behemoth in India, has launched a free video-conferencing app. If you are looking for answers to “What is JioMeet?”, “How to download JioMeet app?” or “How to use JioMeet?”. Then this article is going to be of much use to you.

The Indian government has expressed its reservations on apps owned by foreign corporations or data stored in remote servers. Because of which it discouraged government officials to use Zoom. Like it has asked army personnel to uninstall a variety of social media apps. 

Locally owned and operated Indian companies were encouraged to create a better and secure video-conferencing app. This is what inspired the creation of JioMeet and it is expected to challenge Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams in the market. 

What is JioMeet?

JioMeet is a free video-conferencing app launched by Reliance Jio, India’s largest telecom company. The app is free of any charges and can be used by people of all nationalities. Zoom has a 40-minute time limit on group meetings, beyond which it is a paid service. JioMeet, on the other hand, is completely free, with no time constraints.

This HD video-conferencing app has a lot of new features like scheduling meetings, screen sharing and more. The beta version was released in May 2020. After testing the app for bugs and glitches, it has been recently launched for Android and iOS users. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users can also access it on their computers.

Who are JioMeet’s competitors?

JioMeet can give tough competition to the current video-conferencing apps in the market. Some of its prominent rivals are:

  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet
  • Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

Which platforms support the JioMeet Video Conferencing App?

The JioMeet app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and web. The best part is you can easily accommodate up to 100 participants in a JioMeet session.

When was JioMeet announced as a service app?

Reliance Jio had announced the JioMeet App as a service on April 30, 2020. Back then, a beta version was released for testing purposes. And during the beta version, it had been downloaded a 100,000 times. Today, as I write this post, 1 millions+ users have already downloaded the app and it has an average rating of 4 stars over 53k+ reviews.

How to download JioMeet app?

Let’s find out how to download the JioMeet app. Head to the Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store and use the search term “JioMeet Application”. Links have been provided below for your convenience.

JioMeet Android App Download Link: Link

JioMeet iOS App Download Link: Link

There are no charges for downloading or using, as it is a 100% free video-conferencing app

Setting up JioMeet is equally easy. Simply register your phone number and verify it with an OTP (One-Time Password). Your account is instantly created and you can start a meeting right away!

How to use JioMeet app?

It is very easy to use the JioMeet app. Simply sign in using your company’s domain.

Follow the below steps for detailed instructions:

  1. Open the JioMeet app or visit the link
  2. Go to the “Sign In” page
  3. Click on the “Company Domain” option
  4. Enter your Domain ID or Full email address
  5. If you don’t know your Domain ID, click on the “I don’t know my company domain” option. Then enter your complete email address.
  6. Click on “Continue

JioMeet App Features

Let’s learn about the various features of JioMeet.

  1. With the JioMeet app, users can get into a one-on-one call or conference call with up to 100 participants. You get these features with enterprise-grade host controls.
  2. A new participant can join the meeting without signing in. Users can use a Meeting ID or Personal Link Name to join the meeting.
  3. JioMeet allows a host or participant to join an unlimited number of calls. While Zoom has a 40 minute call duration on the free plan, JioMeet calls can go on for 24 hours without any time limitations.
  4. JioMeet’s Enterprise-Grade Host Controls provides a number of features like password-controlled meetings, multi-device login support, screen-sharing feature, waiting room and scheduling meetings.

What are the devices that support JioMeet?

Let’s find out what are the devices on which you can easily operate the JioMeet app.

  1. Android devices that are running on Android 5.0 and higher versions
  2. iOS devices
  3. Windows 10 devices
  4. Mac devices which are running on Version 10.13 and higher.

What you learned today? 

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