What is Google AdSense? How to Make Money with AdSense in 2020?

If you are a Blogger and you want to make money with Blogging, then you should know what is Google AdSense or how to make money with AdSense in 2020.

People have a lot of questions with regards to AdSense. The common ones are as below:

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising company that publishes ads on YouTube videos, Blogs and Websites. Advertisers sign up on the Google Ads platform for Search, Display and Videos Ads. These ads are displayed by AdSense on millions of partner websites and publishers that have signed up with Google to show ads on their platforms. If you have a website, you can sign up with Google AdSense and get paid when ads are shown on your property. And for that to happen, your website would need AdSense approval. Read more about ‘How to Get AdSense Approval?’ in an upcoming post.

How does Google AdSense work?

Let me explain this with an example. Hindustan Unilever (HUL) goes on the Google Ads platform and places Search, Video and Display ads for one of their soap brands ‘Dove’. You happen to run a website on beauty products. AdSense places that Dove ad on your website. When your readers click on that ad or hover over it, you get a share of the advertising revenue that Google charges HUL. For search ads, Google shares 51% of the revenue with Publishers.

Similarly, if you are watching a YouTube video, you will come across video ads before, after or in between the video. When a viewer clicks on one of these video ads, Google shares 68% of AdSense revenue with its video creators.

Google AdSense Terminology

One should be familiar with a few frequently used terms in Google AdSense. In your AdSense account, you will come across these terms very frequently.

  • Interactions (previously Clicks) – When a reader or viewer clicks on the ad it is considered as 1 interaction or click by AdSense. Advertisers like HUL are charged for clicks, and Website Owners are paid for these clicks.
  • Impressions – Whenever an ad gets published on Google search, YouTube or a publisher’s website; or when someone sees it, it is recorded as an Impression by Google. Again, in display ads, Advertisers like HUL are charged per 1000 impressions (called CPM). And Bloggers get paid a certain amount per 1000 impressions.
  • CPC (Cost per click) – For Bloggers, the amount earned for every click on an ad is depicted as CPC.
  • Page Views – The number of views received by your blog posts is known as Page Views.
  • RPM (Page Revenue per 1000 impressions) – How much money you earn for every 1000 page views of your blog post is depicted by RPM.
  • Impression CTR (Click-Through Rate) – (Number of clicks / Number of impressions)* 100
  • Page CTR – The number of readers who saw your post and clicked on it to go to your website page.

How to Make Money with AdSense?

Primarily two methods:

  1. Blogging website – AdSense ads running on the websites bring a certain percentage of revenue to the publishers.
  2. YouTube channel – Video ads shown on your YouTube videos. AdSense shares 68% of the revenue with the channel owner.

AdSense ads can be published on your website or YouTube channel in several formats like different size banners, videos, infolinks etc. You earn whenever a reader or viewer interacts with these ads.

How to Create an Account on AdSense?

Click on the Sign Up button highlighted in Green:

Google AdSense account set up step 1

Enter your website URL and your email ID:

Google AdSense account set up step 2

Add your home address and recovery email ID:

Google AdSense account set up step 3

Select your country or territory:

Google AdSense account set up step 4

How to verify my AdSense account?

When your account has a balance of USD10, AdSense verifies your identity and address.

  1. Identity Verification: 

With the submission of a Government issued ID card, one has to verify his legal name and prove that he / she is more than 18 years of age. For this one can submit a copy of his Pan Card, Passport, Voter ID card or Driving License.

  1. Address Verification:

AdSense sends you a pin via India Post at the address mentioned at the time of signing up. One has to enter that pin in AdSense and the account stands verified.

When are AdSense payments made?

When the AdSense account balance is USD100, Google processes a payment. Below USD100 one cannot access the earnings balance. So by 3rd July, your balance for 1st-30th June will be visible in the account. This balance is processed for a payment between the 21st – 26th of July. The exact time of bank deposit depends on your time zone and whether or not 21st is a bank holiday or working day for your country.  

Click here for more details on the AdSense Payout timelines.

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