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How To Write a Blog On WordPress: A Step-By-Step Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to write a blog on WordPress.

Once the hosting and domain name have been sourced, it’s time to start your blogging journey.

Step 1:

Focus Keyphrase

Everything starts in SEO writing for your blogs or your web pages by finding the right focus keyword. Once you have a focus keyword, you should plug that into Google and get synonymous keywords from the searches related to at the bottom. 

This is also known as Google autosuggest. 

how to write a blog on wordpress

The 3 top paid tools for keyword research are ahrefs, Semrush and Google Keyword Planner. All three of them are going to give you a different dashboard. But in the end the data, the metrics you need are all there. It’s up to you to kind of find a tool that you enjoy, that you get comfortable using. provides a tremendous amount of data. Semrush gives access to in-depth keyword analysis and Google SERP position analysis. Keyword Planner is equally simple and easy-to-use. 

Keyword Relevancy

Now what are you looking for whenever you use a keyword research tool? First, you want relevancy. Your keyword is absolutely no good, if it’s not relevant to your customers, the products you’re offering or the services you’re selling.

This is why keyword volume (the amount of people searching per month) does not matter compared to the relevancy. Let’s say you sell the special pet grooming brush that only works for labradoodles. Would you want 10,000 people searching for dog brush or would you want 5 customers searching for a Labradoodle grooming brush for sale.

That’s a five word keyword, it’s not going to have a lot of volume. But someone searching for that keyword especially with the word ‘for sale’ in it has a much higher likelihood of buying your product.

So step one relevancy, don’t be misled by the vanity metrics. 

Keyword Difficulty

If you have a new site, do not go after high-scoring keywords. It’s a temptation because you want to go after the big guns right? But you should stick to 40 or below in keyword difficulty if you’re a new site, why? 

Well, new sites really don’t have a chance of ranking for difficult-to-rank-for keywords. Remember you don’t want ranked into the top ten, the top three or the top five, you want to rank at the top. But to rank there you need a low competition keyword, there’s no ifs and or buts about it.

Step 2:

Long-Tail Keyword

Go to your WordPress Admin panel and click on Posts > Add New

Choose a long-tail keyword as new bloggers are more likely to rank on Google’s first page for long-tail keywords.

This long-tail keyword will also act as your ‘Focus Keyphrase’.

how to write a blog on wordpress

Step 3:

On-Page SEO

Below are the On-Page SEO Guidelines that a blogger must follow in order to rank higher in organic search results.

how to write a blog on wordpress

Step 4:

Readability Guidelines

Below are the readability guidelines that one must follow to rank on the first page of SERPs.

how to write a blog on wordpress

Step 5:

Include Multimedia in Your Content

Use a lot of relevant screenshots, videos and charts in your articles. Multimedia makes the content more enjoyable and colorful to a reader. Remember that User experience is something that Google directly measures. For example if your Page has a high bounce rate and a low time on site Google will drop your ranking. On the other hand, if people stick to your content and stay on your pages for a longer duration, Google will show your content to more people. Using lots of relevant multimedia helps people stay on your site longer. 

No More Than 20 Words in a Sentence

Use this online tool called, Hemingway Editor, to ensure clean, readable english that can be easily understood by a 5th Grader! SEO rules specify that sentences should be short and simple. No more than 20 words per sentence will make it easy to understand. If you have ever used WordPress to write a blog, Yoast SEO plugin clearly specifies this as an SEO parameter.

No More Than 150 Words in a Paragraph

Again, Yoast SEO advises that one should not have more than 150 words in a paragraph. Make sure you are following this in your blog posts.

Step 6:

Include Target Keyphrase in the URL 

Make sure you are including the target keyphrase in the URL. For example, in this post I’m targeting a Long Tail Keyword “How to write a blog on WordPress?”, so I would make the URL as short as possible and include my target keyword in the URL “”. 

LSI Keywords

LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. SEO experts believe that Google looks for words or phrases in your post that are semantically related to the topic. Let’s say, you are writing about cars, then your post should have LSI Keywords like automobile, engine, road, tires, vehicles and automatic transmission. 

A simple strategy is to search for the target keyword in Google. Then scroll to the bottom, where Google autosuggest shows you the searches related to the Keyphrase in bold. 

Step 7:

Featured Image

Make sure you have a featured image for your blog post. All the images in the blog post should have Alt Text, which describes the purpose of your images. The Focus Keyphrase can be entered in Alt Text of images.

Make sure you check the box in front of the tab “Stick to the top of the blog”. That way your new blog post will appear at the top on your home page for maximum visibility.


Choosing a category for your blog post is equally important. Once you have done that, the next step is to populate the Tags with relevance to your blog post.

Meta Title, Meta Description & Slug

Work on Meta Title, Meta Description and slug so each of them reflect the Focus Keyphrase.

how to write a blog on wordpress

Having performed all the above steps, you are now ready to publish a WordPress blog by clicking on “Publish”.

These were the steps on how to write a blog on WordPress. By following these steps you will be able to meet the basic, minimum criteria required to rank a blog post on the first page of Google Search results.

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