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How to Make Money with Google? 3 Popular Ways in 2020

How to make money with Google? In 2020, Google continues to dominate content, online advertising, video streaming (YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine globally) and smartphone OS (Android has a 85.4% market share in smartphones). Dear Reader, you must be wondering how the above statistics is related to making money on the tech giant’s many platforms. 

Well, more people are likely to read your blog via Google’s organic search. More people are likely to watch your videos on YouTube. AdSense makes sure that you make money via the ads shown on your blog post or video. Similarly, App developers on the Google Play store earn money whenever customers watch ads or download a Premium version of their App. AdSense, YouTube and AdMob continue to be popular, online earning platforms in 2020.

What is Google?

Founded in 1998, Google is a US based tech company that specializes in internet-related services, online advertising, search engine, cloud computing, software and hardware. Started by two Stanford University PhD candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the tech giant operates popular Search Engines that provide answers to search queries in 40+ languages globally. Please read this post till the end to understand how to make money with Google. 

How to make money with Google in 2020?

There are several ways to make money on Google applications, and the 3 mentioned below continue to be popular among internet enthusiasts.

Make money with Google AdSense

AdSense is an advertising platform through which Google shows ads on your blog, website, app or YouTube videos. When users view these ads or click on them, a certain percentage of the advertising revenue is shared with the content creators. Interestingly, even when users don’t click on the ads, AdSense pays you for CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). In simple words, when readers on your website have viewed the Ads a 1000 times, a certain amount of money is credited to your AdSense account.

How this works is, let’s say Coca Cola pays Google Ads to publish Search, Display and Video Ads on its network. Google AdSense publishes these ads on millions of partner websites. Both Google and the publishers share the revenue that has been generated via this online advertising.

One of the best money-making platforms in the world, millions of content creators take home a good amount of money from AdSense. A lot of content creators do not receive AdSense approval because their websites have not been optimized properly. Therefore, make sure you understand AdSense approval rules before applying for the same. AdSense insists on fresh, original and unique content as a precondition for its approval.

Make Money with YouTube

YouTube is known as the second largest search engine in the world. Type in any keyword, across industries, chances are you will find a suitable video for the same on YouTube. YouTube is hugely popular, a) because people love enjoying a video or learning from it (remember the saying, an image is worth a thousand words!) b) the sheer variety of options on YouTube is impressive. Skilled Video Creators become overnight stars because of the platform’s reach. 

In 2020, YouTube Creators are able to monetize their video content after they have reached 4000 view hours and 1000 subscribers in a year. So after clearing the threshold, video creators get enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program. When a user is watching an ad for 30 seconds or clicking on an ad while watching the creator’s videos, the creator gets a certain percentage of the advertising revenue. 

Make Money with AdMob

There are 500 million+ smartphone users in India. An estimated 2.7 Billion users rely on their smartphones globally to run their daily lives. A smartphone app is like oxygen in the digital space. Whether it is tracking Covid-19 patients in Delhi (Aarogya Setu) or hailing an Uber in NYC, the app has changed our lives forever. This is where AdMob further incentivizes App developers on the Play Store.

AdMob enables App developers to earn money whenever a customer downloads an app or subscribes to a premium version. The revenue for Ads shows on the app are shared by the App developer. If one is not skilled enough to create an app, one can always reach out to app developers in the market. As long as the idea is unique and scalable, a smartphone app will always be in demand.  

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on ‘How to Make Money with Google?’ If you liked it or learned something new, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Please feel free to enter your doubts or comments in the section below. Detailed posts on AdSense and AdMob are in the pipeline, thank you for visiting this website.

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