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How To Make Money On Paytm – Complete Guide In 2020

How to make money on Paytm? Who doesn’t want to make money in the present day and if you can find ways to do so, sitting at home, nothing better than that. Let me tell you that there are a lot of websites and apps that you can use at home and earn money. With time, effort and consistency, you can generate a steady income stream from these avenues.

One of the many such websites and apps is Paytm. Why? Because today Paytm is synonymous with Online Payments in our country. Let me show you through a detailed article, what are the ways you can earn money on the Paytm app or website. Please make sure that you read the article through to the end and feel free to post your questions and doubts.

What is the Paytm app?

How to Make Money On Paytm
How to add money on Paytm?

The Paytm app is very popular in India for money transfer and payments. With the launch of the ‘Paytm Payments Bank’, a host of banking services are also available on the app. 

What is unique about the Paytm app?

  1. For a start Paytm is extremely reliable when it comes to instant cashbacks, which is why it has won the hearts and minds of crores of Indians. 
  2. It is trustworthy in terms of accurate money transfer transactions and payments.
  3. Through the UPI interface, one can link a bank account to the app and the money can be directly received in the savings account.
  4. Paytm Mall is a massive online retail marketplace, where one can shop for millions of products. The best part is cashbacks received on the Paytm app can be used to make purchases on Paytm Mall and vice-versa.
  5. One can pitch Paytm Mall’s products via its Affiliate Marketing platform and earn a handsome commission on consumer durables, electronic items, smartphones etc.

How to make money on Paytm in 2020?

1. Via Cashback

Paytm captured huge market share in India on account of attractive Cashbacks. That these cashbacks could be used across its spectrum of services added to the advantage. So typically, with the cashback amount, you could book a cab on Uber, pay electricity and DTH bills, buy an item on Paytm Mall etc. With every transaction, one can avail cashback in some form or other be it bus travel vouchers, movie vouchers, flight vouchers, Uber cab coupons etc.

Before completing any prepaid mobile recharge, DTH recharge, electricity bill payment etc make sure you research the cashback offer on the Paytm app or website and apply to see if the offer is applicable on your transaction. That way you can earn a good amount of money sitting at home.

2. As a seller on the Paytm Mall website

Whether you are a small shopkeeper or a Small & Medium enterprise, you can register on the Paytm Mall website as a seller and start selling your goods on its platform. Your business and product benefit from visibility on a global online marketplace and that can result in massive sales for your company.

Very simply, you list your product on Paytm Mall, a customer sees it and orders it online. You validate the payment received in your account and accordingly ship the product to the customer. Small businesses have benefited from online retail sales making customers across the country from Gujarat to Assam, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. To give you an example, with my 12 hour working days, I ordered perfume from a seller in Raipur (Chattisgarh) (I live in New Delhi) or Spiced Peanuts from a seller in Gujarat. I could have easily bought these items in New Delhi but the convenience of online shopping has opened up options for the consumer.

3. By selling Paytm Mall products (As a reseller)

One can pick up any of Paytm’s own products and sell them online, via social media or in the traditional market as a reseller. The reselling model is extremely popular because you benefit from the brand image and quality guarantee of the brand whose products you are selling as a reseller. Pretty much all the top brands internationally and in India sell their products via resellers, be it Apple, Google, Amazon,Walmart etc.

4. Via Affiliate Marketing

Let’s say you have a popular website, blog, YouTube channel, or even a Facebook and Instagram page (as an Influencer) and customers make purchases on Amazon / Flipkart / Paytm Mall through your website / channel / page, you automatically qualify for an affiliate commission from the online retail giants. So create an affiliate account today like this one below and start earning commissions through your popular presence on the internet.

Amazon Affiliate link:

5. Through a Promo Code

Each and every product on the Paytm Mall has a cashback promo code attached to it in the offers section, so you better benefit from it. And these cashbacks can be used to pay off bills, make future purchases, hire cabs and a host of other benefits. Same is the case with transactions on the Paytm app or website, when you do a recharge or pay off a bill, you qualify for a movie, travel or cashback offer. So one can easily benefit from these Promo Code cashbacks on Paytm.

6. By Playing Games on the app or website

It is interesting that Paytm has launched fun video and online games to engage its customers. Given that 65% of our country is young and hooked to the internet, online gaming has a huge market in the country. (recall the PUBG mania in 2019)

With the Paytm First Games service, a user can play & win simple video games and earn cashbacks. These cashbacks can be used to buy products and services across a host of businesses.

Conclusion Summary – What are ways one can make money on Paytm?

Through this article, I tried to educate you, dear reader, on what are the different ways in which one can make money on the Paytm and Paytm Mall apps. I hope this piece added value to your online interactions on Paytm. My effort is to provide up-to-date and current information on money-making ideas on the internet. If you have any doubts, questions or feedback with regards to this article, please feel free to leave a comment and I will respond accordingly.

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