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How to Make Money on AdMob? A Practical Guide in 2020

How to Make Money on AdMob? According to market research firm techARC, there are more than 500 million smartphone users in India. 77% of indians are now accessing wireless internet on their smartphones.

Everyday, billions around the globe access social media, news and technology on a variety of smartphone apps. When you download and interact with an app, you will see these images everyday.

How to Make Money on AdMob
How to Make Money on AdMob

When you see these ads on your smartphone, you often wonder how and why these ads show up. Who are these advertising companies and why are these ads shown to us? Can you make money by either creating an app or publishing these ads?

Google AdMob is one of the answers to all the above questions. A Google product, AdMob enables publishers to show ads on their Android or iOS apps. When users like you and me click on these ads, Google shares the ad revenue with the publisher.

So, let’s say you own a news app and ads for Domestica and are published on your app. Google will pay your company every time a user clicks on the above ads.

In this post, we will explore facets of how to make money on AdMob. In-App advertising enables you to create an app, show ads on it via AdMob and make money. So, let’s get into the details of a) what is AdMob & b) how to make money on AdMob.

What is AdMob?

AdMob is a free advertising platform from Google, that enables you to display banner or video ads alongside your app’s content. Millions of Android app publishers earn handsomely every month by using AdMob services.

People in the business of mobile apps in the Android or iOS ecosystem, can consider an additional income stream through Google AdMob.

It helps that most of AdMob’s ads are responsive to mobile devices. The ad size and resolution automatically fit the smartphone screen in a way that it does not negatively impact the user experience of a reader.

How to Make Money on AdMob?

To make money on AdMob, please follow the below steps: 

  • If you want to earn money through AdMob, you should have an AdMob account. 
  • You should have an Android app. You can either hire an App Developer to create an app for you. Or if you have the knowledge required for App Development, you can create an app yourself. When the app is fully functional and without any user experience issues, you can create Ad Units in your AdMob account and place them in your app. 
  • When your app is uploaded on the Google Play store, users are shown ads while they are downloading the app. While they are reading content on your app or browsing from one page to another.
  • On the Google Play Store, whenever a user downloads your app, he will be shown ads. When the user clicks on these ads, Google will share the ad revenue with you.
  • The more your app is downloaded and used by readers, the more ad revenue you can expect from Google AdMob.
  • Before you upload the app, Google would require you to pay a one-time USD25 registration fee. 
  • If your app becomes popular over a period of time, you can also choose to sell off to the highest bidder. For example, within 2 years of its launch in 2010, Instagram became so popular that Facebook paid USD 1 Billion in an all-cash deal to acquire the company.

How to earn USD 10-20 everyday through AdMob?

First of all, your account should be AdSense approved, only then will you be able to gather AdMob earnings through AdSense. You can create free Android apps with the help of the following websites.

Free App Development Websites 

Let’s focus on six free websites, with the help of which you can create your own Android App.


The above websites will help you develop apps for free. To start earning from your apps, follow the steps below.

  1. Create an Android app and register it on the Google Play Store for a one-time USD25 registration fee.
  2. When your app gets downloaded by a thousand users, create an AdMob publisher account.
  3. With a 1000 downloads, you will easily get Google AdMob approval. Post the approval, create Ad Units and paste the code in your App’s settings.
  4. When a user clicks on an ad by AdMob, it will automatically start earnings for you.
  5. It is important that you keep the AdMob ads upto 150 KB in size. The effective ad sizes are 320×50, 468×60 and 320×480. AdMob earnings are better because it provides a good CPC of anywhere between $0.05 to $0.16.

I hope you liked the post “how to make money on AdMob”. Let us know in the Comments section, if you have any questions or clarifications. If you learnt something new, please share by using the social media buttons on your left. Thank you so much for reading.

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