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How to Get Google AdSense Approval? 9 Simple Steps in 2020

How to Get Google AdSense Approval? So you have bought a new domain name on You have just secured a SiteGround hosting plan for your brand new website. You have written 30-40 fantastic blog posts on a niche topic that you understand and are comfortable with. Now the obvious next step is to understand how to monetize your website’s traffic. In other words, how to make money from your blogging website.

Well, Google AdSense is the answer to millions of website owners across the globe. To learn about what is Google AdSense and how to make money with AdSense in 2020, please read our detailed post here

Before you think of getting AdSense approval and displaying ads, your main concern should be how to bring traffic to your website. Let’s say you receive AdSense approval and there is not enough traffic to your blog, how will you earn from the impressions and clicks. Those ad clicks and the subsequent earnings will come only when there is adequate traffic to your website. That traffic will come with quality content, with backlinks, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO in simple words means you write articles in such a way that Google understands your content. With valuable Keywords, SEO-friendly content, your article will rank on the first page of Google. 

A user types a keyword that you have included in your post. That keyword and a host of other factors ensure that your post gets published on the first page of Google. From there, the user clicks on your attractive Meta Tag (or Post Heading) and heads to your website. This is also referred to as “Organic Traffic” in digital marketing terminology. 

Let’s head back to our original topic, “How to get Google AdSense approval”. A lot of website owners, first time bloggers, get frustrated that their website is not getting AdSense approval. Below are 11 simple steps one can take to ensure a smooth first time approval from Google AdSense. Besides, in today’s day and age, we have a lot of alternatives for AdSense, so there is no reason to feel sorry. Infolinks,, AdsMaven, Propellerads, PopAds and Adsterra are some of the options available in the market.

Find a Good Domain Name

A good domain name is important for AdSense approval. If you opt for .com, .in, .net domains, chances are your AdSense approval will be quick and easy. With these domains, you will also be able to rank better on Google Search and monetize your traffic.

If let’s say you are opting for domains like .xyz, .tk or .ml, you may get AdSense approval but you will have to work harder for the same. 

Without a top level domain name, it will also be difficult for you to rank in Search results and hence your website will be devoid of traffic. And it is common knowledge that earnings are directly proportional to the amount of traffic you receive on your website.

Even with the domain, it can be easier to get AdSense approval but it will be difficult to rank on the first page and hence your traffic and earnings get compromised.

High-Quality Blog Content

Google insists on content that is fresh, unique and original. By fresh, one can say the latest happenings around your topic or even a fresh perspective on what you are writing about. Unique means something that has (possibly) not been written before. And original means content that has not been copied from other content creators on the internet.

The general view in 2020 is that one must have at least 30-40 articles on their website to qualify for an AdSense approval. Though it’s not something written in stone, folks have received approvals on a lesser number of blog posts as well. But with competition increasing everyday, it is safe to have adequate content on your website.

Nobody is certain of how many words one must have in an article to rank on the first page. And expert analysis reveals that to rank on the first page one must have a minimum of 2300 words. Again I have personally seen 1000 to 1500 word articles getting published in the top three search rankings. 

Please avoid spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, copyrighted images and text. These instances will derail your AdSense approval.

One extremely useful website I use to check for duplicate or copyrighted content is This is how the Plagiarism Checker looks like and it instantly tells whether the content you have written exists elsewhere on the internet.

It goes without saying that content on dangerous weapons, explicit sex, illegal trade and insulting, racist topics will not be granted approval. Summing it up, high-quality, actionable content that falls within Google’s publisher policies will ensure that you receive AdSense approval in a timely manner.

Use Images in Blog Posts

At least 2-3 free images in your blog posts will beautify the outlay. Make sure you are using copyright free images in your articles. Websites like Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash offer millions of copyright-free images that you can use for your articles. Make sure you credit the owner in this way by writing a caption underneath the image.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval?

  Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Good User Interface Design

Remember Nokia phones, once upon a time these were super successful because the devices had user-friendly interfaces. A user-friendly interface for your blog should be such that a new visitor can easily find what he is looking for. Main Menu, Bottom Menu, prominent drop-downs should be easily navigable. The ‘Search’ Bar should be at the top of the page in case people are looking for something specific. The Home Page, blog post pages should have a good design in terms of readability and layout. Page Speed and Page Load time should be as less as possible. 

The below points underline how the user interface can be improved:

  • Widgets like Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Categories etc should be placed properly for a professional look.
  • Main Menu, Top Menu, Bottom Menu, Footer and Sidebars should be optimized.
  • Do not enable pop-up ads as these affect user experience to a large extent.
  • Max 2-3 colour themes can be used, keeping in mind that the blog should look professional at all times.
  • A good WordPress theme like Astra or GeneratePress will give you a lot of options to boost web design and site layout.

Make Social Media Accounts

I have personally created a social media page for my website on Facebook and Instagram. On Twitter and LinkedIn, I use my personal handle to write about my new blog posts. I also share my post links on Digital Marketing Groups like Marketing Mind or Digital Marketing. It is extremely important to talk about your website on social media platforms and groups. Make sure you insert links of these social media pages on your website. Your blog’s popularity on social media can play a role in swift AdSense approval.

Most Important Website Pages

You shouldn’t be hiding behind your website’s name. Mention your full name on the “About Us” section. Have your good-looking photos on the website! Looking at your name, personality and knowing the person behind the blog builds trust with your readers and potential collaborators. Make sure you have a professional-looking email ID on your “Contact Us” page. It doesn’t matter if it is a gmail one. For example, I created ‘” as my professional email id. 

Among the most important pages that you must have on your website are:

  • About Us – A brief description of who you are and what are your credentials in the industry helps build trust and transparency.
  • Contact Us – Your contact details, specially the professional email id, will ensure people reach out to you for clarifications, collaborations etc.
  • Privacy Policy – Very critical as more people want to opt out of remarketing lists and guard their privacy from online marketers.
  • DMCA – Equally important as a note that you be made aware of any copyrighted material that has inadvertently crept up on your website. You can apologize and immediately take it down.

A dynamic YouTuber Akash Manhas of Web Beast has created a free tool so you can create the above pages in a matter of seconds. Find the tool link here.

AdSense Approved Languages

Did you know that if you have a website in Punjabi, you will not receive AdSense approval for your website? Here is a long list of international and regional languages that AdSense supports for monetisation.

Make sure you are choosing and starting with the right language on your blog or else you will receive a jolt when AdSense disapproves your application.

Niche Blog Topics

As stated earlier, topics that blatantly violate Google’s Publisher Policies will not be entertained for approval. Blogs on Dangerous weapons, Violence, Pornography, Gambling etc will not be approved. So make sure you have chosen a niche that does not violate Google’s policies.

Other Ad Networks Like AdSense

Do not apply for AdSense approval while ads from other networks are running on your website. First pause them until Google is reviewing your blog for approval. If you apply for AdSense approval while simultaneously running ads on your website from other networks, approval may be rejected. It is always safe to pause any other network while the website is under review. A lot of times, bloggers reach out to other Ad Networks because their AdSense application was not approved. That is but natural, to look for options. Just make sure, if and when you are reapplying, all the other Ad networks have been paused on your website. You can always restart the other networks after AdSense approval has been secured.

Blog Traffic Analysis

Do not drive traffic to your website illegally or via spamming websites as this will affect AdSense approval negatively. Same is the case with auto-generated traffic. It is always good to have organic traffic or traffic driven from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. 

Some bonus dos and don’ts are as follows before and after you have received AdSense approval and want to keep it for long term:

  • Apply for AdSense approval when you see that traffic has reached the threshold of at least 50 unique Page Views per day.
  • Do not “Self Click” on your website’s ads. Don’t change servers and use VPNs to self click on your ads.
  • Do not send traffic from illegal or spamming websites.
  • Show consistency in writing unique and quality content for your website.
  • Excessive Ad placement will slow down your website and affect user experience.

So this was all about “How to Get Google AdSense approval?” I hope you liked the post. Let us know in the comment section, which is the first step you are going to take to secure AdSense approval. Please share on social media using the buttons on your left. 

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