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How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy? Six Important Steps in 2020

How to create a content marketing strategy? Simply put, content marketing and a smart content strategy works. If you want to build a real audience online, content marketing is a must. It is also one of the lowest cost – highest return marketing avenues you could be using today. 

For example, SEO content leads, the people that find your content through search, have a 14 to 16 percent close rate. That’s conversions. Compare that to one or two percent which is a typical conversion on an ad funnel. 

Going in circles of just publishing, publishing, publishing with no tangible results won’t work. After figuring out your content strategy and putting the right techniques in place, you will be able to monetize your content.

This post is about six content strategies that can help you achieve a 6 figure monthly income completely through content marketing.

Read the post till the end and learn how to build your smartest content strategy yet.

I have to remind you at the start that these are not shortcuts or overnight success strategies!

It’s a little more complicated than what you’re doing with content marketing, but it is critical to put the right foundations in place so that you can be successful in the long run. 

Know Your Topic Area

You have to actually do some work here to build your foundation of a smart content strategy.

It’s good to spend at least one week here just to get things right. So a few things you need to do with this first step, your fundamentals. Know your topic area that you’re going to build a concept within. 

If this is for a client, know thiers. And this isn’t just your area of expertise, although that’s where it should come from. It’s what your audience actually wants to hear about outside of that. 

So let’s say you sell shoes. Don’t just talk about shoes on your blog. Leave that for the product pages. When you’re creating valuable content, you want to create things that your audience wants. So, how about a list of the best mobile fitness apps, some warm-up exercises for runners, a list of the best marathons in whatever city your audience lives in? That’s how to know the topic areas to fit within. So go for your expertise and then branch out to what your audience wants to hear about. 

You should also know what I like to call your content differentiation factor. This is the reason people click on your content. This is what makes you different. What is that one thing that you’re going to uphold in your content that really makes you stand out? 

Know Your Audience and Connect them to the Sales Cycle

You should know your audience and be able to connect them to that sales cycle. So get to know your audience through real measures.

Call them, don’t just leave a survey in their mailbox. What they say in a survey can be very different from how they actually feel. So you want to get inside their brain. And then once you have some personas mapped out that are based on real and accurate information in your niche. Then you can connect that to the sales cycle which are of course three steps: awareness and intent to decision and evaluation all the way to that purchase and loyalty stage. So what kind of content do you need to create at those stages?

Know your SEO, your search engine optimization fundamentals

This isn’t going to be a ton of knowledge building but it’s critical for long-term content marketing success. SEO content is how businesses get a majority of their leads and they come in on autopilot. SEO is super successful because it acts on “User Intent”. When a person is looking for a certain service, search engines show them those service providers. 

Know how to look up a good keyword, know what tools to use, know how to write SEO content that works. Set up tools and time to consistently research the right keywords.

Build online authority with a content website

If you focus on your content house which is your website, nobody can take away publishing

rights, organic reach, etc. So don’t make somebody else’s platform, your primary place of publishing. Never do that. 

Build your online authority by having that content house, your website. And you’re going to see a lot more long-term success. Everything you create for this house will be lasting and it’ll just domino over time. 

Yes, it’s harder at the beginning. It may feel like you are putting all your content in a black hole. But over time, with consistency, this is how you’re going to win. Don’t build your content marketing on someone else’s platform.

Create Content

Create content that works on a consistent schedule. So you have all the other fundamentals. You know where you’re publishing. You know your audience. What kind of content to create to attract the right people. What are the SEO guidelines and the top-performing keywords.

Now it’s time to create content consistently. So get on a blogging schedule. It usually takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months. To see success in SEO rankings, traffic numbers increasing, and even bottom line conversions when it comes to your website and your blog. So blog consistently. 

Start blogging with two to three posts a week and drop down to one if you have to because your focus should be quality not quantity. And you will see much better results from one really comprehensive, amazing piece of content than a bunch of average pieces. 

Set an Advertising Budget and Promote, Maintain Your Content

This is how we’re going to ensure the ongoing success of your content strategy and our marketing. You need to set a content budget, know what you’re spending every month when it comes to content. 

Promote the content you create on your website, to your email subscriber list, your social media. Maintain your content every now and then for long-term success. Clean up your house, keep it tidy, keep it looking good in the search rankings. 

Update at least three old blogs for each new post that you are publishing. You will see a lot of success from cleaning up old posts that are just sitting there. Ranking highly but don’t look as good and as relevant because quality evolves. So go back to the older content, and you may see quicker success from your content results through maintenance.

So this was a bird’s-eye view of all six points under “how to create a content marketing strategy”. As mentioned earlier, these are not overnight strategies, they’re not quick tricks. These are methodologies that if you put into place, you’re going to see content marketing success.

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