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How To Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?

Hello guys, my name is Bipul. Through this step-by-step blog, I am going to show you how to buy a domain name from GoDaddy.

Search For GoDaddy on Google

Let’s start with searching ‘“GoDaddy” on Google you should see the below search results.

How To Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?

Now you can click on any of the Ad or organic search links above and you will see the website of GoDaddy has opened. 

How To Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?

Search For Domain Name

Here you can search for the domain name you are looking for. A domain name is a kind of digital identity just like your name is. It is a name for your online business, website or blog. You have to register this name. For example, my website is

Let me show you how to search for a domain with this name and purchase it. So let me type in the search field here “smartshoppingindia”.

How To Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?

The .com domain for smartshoppingindia is available for an introductory price of Rs 199 for the first year when you go for a 2-year registration.

The Best Domains For Publishers

Besides the .com domain, the .net, .org and .info domains are also available for registration. Don’t go for .xyz domains as these do not go well with advertising networks like Google AdSense. Always go for domains like .com. .net, .in, .org, .info etc. 

Always keep your domain name simple. Keep a name that will click on one’s mind or get memorized quickly. 

So I have chosen and here I will click add to cart. 

How To Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?

After clicking ‘add to cart’ the above page will come. 

Domain Privacy

And the other things are also push-selling types like domain privacy. What is Domain Privacy? Let me tell you. Privacy is that whenever you purchase a domain name you have to give your details, your name, address, phone number etc. All these things which are visible to the public, this domain name is registered to whom. If you want that none of your information is visible to the public, then you can use a privacy lock on it Domain Privacy protection” that will cost you rupees 299 per year. You don’t have to take this one. Just check “No Thanks” here. 

How To Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?

Click on “Continue to cart”. After clicking on “Continued to cart”, see, it is showing these things Here it added for two years, but I want it for one year only and they have also added professional emails. But I don’t need this as well. I will tell you about this later – What are professional emails? I will tell you about it in another blog post. So I will remove it from here. 

How To Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?

It is advisable that you opt for a 2-year domain registration as it is cheaper that way.

GoDaddy Promo Code

Make sure you use the below promo code from Harsh Agarwal’s to get approximately Rs 100 discount on the total bill

  • (Use Coupon: CJC99COM) – For Domain names and new customers only 

So it will be approximately Rs 1148 for a 2-year domain registration. Here it will ask you to  “create a GoDaddy account”. You can create an account here. After creating an account it will ask for all the details. The details like your phone number etc. So you just add this information, Postal code, city, whether you have any organization, your GST number, etc. Keep it blank if you do not have these. Fill all the details for the fields marked with the red dot. 

You will see the payment options after filling up all the details. Use Credit cards Netbanking, Debit cards, Online Wallets etc. You can make the payments by using these methods. 

Post making the payment, you will receive an email that says “your order confirmation inside”. You will get all the details in the email. These were the steps for “How to Buy a Domain Name From GoDaddy?” I hope you found them useful, if yes, please share on social media using the buttons on your left.

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