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How to Become a Content Marketing Writer? 5 Practical Tips in 2020

Want to learn how to become a content marketing writer? Well, you’re at the right place. 

In 2021, the content marketing industry is projected to be worth over $413 billion. There are lots of people and writers especially being hired in this industry right now. And what’s fueling that, is that 90% of B2B marketers are adapting and implementing content into their marketing. So content writing is a massive need. 

There is a demand right now for expert content marketing and digital marketing writers. And I can tell you that today and in the future it is humans not BOTS that will create the authority, results-driven content that brands need.

So, what are Content marketers and what do they write? What kind of skills do they have? How can you become one and price your services fairly? 

Let me define in terms of brands, who are looking for a writer to hire. A content marketing writer is an expert communicator who is responsible for creating online written content. Blogs, articles, eBooks, white papers, social media copies, infographic copies and more. Content that builds trust and loyalty with readers while engaging and informing them. 

So, if you’re a newbie writer looking to break into the space what do you need? 

Here are five points to know if you want to become a digital marketing writer or a content marketing writer.

Develop a Content Marketing Writer Background

Number one, develop a content marketing writer background. How do you do this? The best way to develop this ackground is to number one; study the people out there who are doing it right and number two; pick up some experience. So, who are the people out there doing it right? One of my favorites, someone who is at the top is Pat Flynn at “”.

Any kind of content that they create whether it is blogs, emails you name it, is amazing content. Go study them, and learn from

There comes a time after studying the people who are doing it right, you need to start doing it yourself. This is a big step and the best advice I can give you is to just get started. Just do it! 

You can pick up work on sites like,, freelancer and problogger.  Go check out these websites for content jobs.

Practice makes a man perfect and the sooner you start exercising your skills the better it is to develop this career. 

Understand Strategic Content Marketing

Secondly, you really need to understand strategic content marketing and why it works. You’re writing content for digital marketing. But you really don’t understand either digital marketing or content marketing. It is time to take a step back and understand some of the strategies and falls. 

Whenever you understand the strategy behind excellent content creation, you will be able to charge a lot more for services and better content. 

So, how do you understand strategic content marketing? Read books, take courses. Practical and super helpful books are a great way to build those fundamental knowledge points. But when it comes to understanding the strategy side of concept marketing, I would really encourage you to consider taking a course or a class. 

This is the best way to get some hands-on training in this area as it is not easy to understand strategic content marketing. 

Find Your Niche of Expertise

Number three in our five-point list of how to become a content marketing writer is to find your niche of expertise. This is super important. Before you start writing, it is important to pick your industry niche. 

If you do it at this point. Before you position a brand. Build your own website domain. All that good stuff. This will help you position yourself in a way where you can actually charge more for your services then if you didn’t pick an industry niche.

So, how do you pick your niche? Well, were you anything else in a previous life? Were you once upon a time an attorney, a customer service representative, an accountant? Maybe you work at a software firm. Any real-life job you have. That gave you industry knowledge and expertise. 

So, ways that you can use that past life in your present content writing career is to position yourself with that industry. 

For example, if you were an attorney, maybe you’re retired. You’re looking to pick up writing.

You could position yourself as a content marketing, digital marketing, content creator for law firms and write their blog content. 

In a past life, if were an awesome customer service representative you could use that as your angle of expertise. You could say that you’re a content creator who specializes in creating content for customers and from a customer point of view. 

The list of opportunities here goes on and on. Remember, it’s important to pick something that you’ll enjoy doing. If you’re going to commit to this and do it for the long haul. So, pick something that ignites interest. 

Maybe it wasn’t something you did for 20-years. Maybe it’s something you love to do. Make that your focus. 

Know Your Worth

Number four, know your worth. This would be the average cost of marketing writer salary or freelance project pricing that you want to charge for your services. 

If you’re looking for employment payouts, login to websites like, indeed, Glassdoor etc. These places can offer great insights on what content marketing writer salaries go for.

Make sure you match up a job offer with the baseline salaries recommended by these leading platforms. If you’re going solo and freelancing, it’s important to price based on your skill set. 

You don’t want to price too high if you’re still new at what you’re doing. Because you can’t earn clients easily at the very start. 

You don’t want a price too low if you’re getting really good at content creation because then you’ll undercut yourself. 

You can charge a fair amount of money if you’re picking an industry of expertise that goes for a lot in the real world. For example if you were an attorney or an accountant, those jobs can go for upwards of Rs 7k to Rs 14k per hour. You can potentially charge up to Rs 15k per page or more if you specialize in one of those industries. 

Show Off Your Skills

Our last point on how to become a content marketing or digital marketing writer, is to show off your skills. Email potential clients what you created as a professional writer. Guide them to a website that has your best content and customer testimonials on it.

The best way to do this is to build your own portfolio site. Well I’m going to recommend something I call a content house which is your real estate, your domain. So you could pick a domain name based on your name. For example, Or based on the industry of expertise you’re employed at, like

It is always better to go for a website and start building a brand. That way you have something long-term that you can just keep growing at your own pace. And you can have a place to stand on when your clients say; “what do you and how much do you charge?”

You can give them a great domain and it’s your brand. Samples go a long way whenever you are showing off your services. So be sure to showcase happy client testimonials and your best content work. 

Okay, so we covered five points of how to become this type of writer. Another big question as we wrap up would be; what kind of content are you going to create as a content marketing, digital marketing writer? 

Six Types of Content

So, there’s six types of content you should be studying and learning how to create. Those six types are number one headlines, number two blogs and guides. Oftentimes these are going to be SEO optimized, so be sure you’re studying SEO writing. 

Point three eBooks and lead magnets, these are often in PDF format, long-form style. 

Point Number four creative copy, this can be all kinds of miscellaneous content from a little tagline on a home page to a fun seasonal blog. 

The fifth, landing or web pages and number six, calls to action which deserve their own category in and of themselves. Often called CTAs, these can be one or two sentences at the end of the blog post that get a customer, a prospect to become a customer for the brand you’re writing for.

For a detailed write-up on these content types, please check out my blog on 7 Evergreen Content Formats for Growth.

If you’ve any questions on this topic, how to become a content marketing writer, any kind of questions drop them in the comments and I’ll get back to you. It is really amazing that we’re in a place and time where the future is bright for writers looking to break into the space of online content creation. Thank you so much for reading. 

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