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Freelance Writing for Beginners – 5 Steps That Will Help You Grow

Freelance writing for beginners. Writing for income goes far beyond just knowing how to write well. There are a lot more things involved. 

In this article, I’m going to share with you five key factors that have helped me start my career as an author. With my own self-started writing career with, I have included tips on how to get started from the ground. 

How to market yourself and your content with social media. The skills you need to learn to make a lot more revenue as a writer. If you love reading and writing and want to make writing your side hustle or a full time living opportunity this blog post is for you.

Do you love writing?

My first tip is simple. You need to ask yourself if you really love writing. Do a gut check and make sure that you love writing. Writing is going to be the crux of what you do. If this is your side hustle or full-time online income opportunity and you don’t love writing you’re not gonna love what you do. In my experience the best writers come from a place of loving to write. 

This was true for me as I have enjoyed reading and writing throughout school and college. I actually opted for English Literature as a major in college. So do a gut check and make sure that writing is one of your favorite things. Some symptoms of this can include writing as a hobby, writing to fill your spare time, loving your English classes in high school or college etc. 

Start a Website on WordPress

My second tip is if you’re serious about this and you want to make this your full-time thing, go get a website. If you want to pull in the best gigs, the best clients, you need a website. Buy a domain that is in your name (helps a lot in personal branding) or something that would be attractive to your target audience. One of the purposes of starting a site is so you can start writing content on your site. 

Over a period of time, your website cum blog becomes a marketing tool that you can showcase to potential clients. Consistently publishing 2-3 blog posts a week attracts your ideal audience. These could be freelancers, marketers or agencies. 

With experience, you can talk to marketers and agencies on niche topics. Topics like how to build a strong digital content strategy. How long should a blog post be to rank on Google Search. Productivity and work-life tips for marketers etc. So create a blogging website today and be consistent in writing your blog posts.  

I have shared my personal experiences on how to start a WordPress blog. On this link, you will find a detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy a reasonably priced domain from GoDaddy. How to buy hosting on SiteGround and set up your blog on WordPress. How to create a business logo on etc. Spend 7-8 minutes reading it and let me know if you have any questions.

Learn Skills for Freelancing

My third tip is, are you ready to learn the skills that add a layer of money-making assets to your writing chops. Good writing is the core but on top of that you need digital and marketing skill sets. To market yourself and tell your clients you’re able to create more strategic content. That it will get them real results online. 

For example, content marketing is an industry that’s currently worth 413 billion dollars. And a large part of the industry is buying content creation or investing in that in some way. Businesses are hiring, paying for and outsourcing their content needs. And you really need to know the skills they’re looking for on top of writing.

So what are those skills. Namely, how to build content strategy for Online businesses. A thorough knowledge of SEO and how to find top performing keywords that will attract their target audience. Knowing how content drives growth in terms of brand awareness, list building, audience growth, Email marketing techniques, Facebook ad copy, social media marketing etc. 

The above skill sets can really help freelancers maximize their knowledge of great writing to attract and help clients in a better way. 

Start with Low-Paying Jobs

This may not sound very exciting. But as a beginner you won’t be able to command a great price in the market. So start with low-paying gigs. People may be hesitant initially, so the low price point does the trick for them.

Great writing skills will come with time and practice. A lot of copywriters will advise you against taking these low-paying jobs. Instead asking you to go for those higher rates. While that is true, I think it’s critical at the beginning to be open for low-paying jobs as well. 

First create a lot of content. Get better and better and then charge that price that you want to go after. In all honesty this is how one can grow his content writing skills from a beginner to an in-demand blogger and author. 

Learn Marketing Skills

My fifth tip would be to learn marketing. And yes, this does tie in to our third tip about adding those layers of skill sets to your writing abilities. Skill sets that can boost your client’s revenue. I specifically mean learn marketing. For you, as a new writer, branding is very important. You will have to invest time in building your brand. You will have to apply marketing techniques that will help you be seen and heard and get those leads. 

So don’t be shy. Put yourself out there. There are so many ways you can market yourself today.

One idea would be, you could go to conferences with a business card and start conversations with marketers that are looking for content. Learn how to grow your business page on Facebook with videos and really good content. You could go to Instagram, use writer hashtags, look for client’s content quality. You could start a YouTube channel and create videos. 

Learn how to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and create organic posts that reach your ideal buyer. Don’t forget to focus on writing your own blog. Grow your email subscriber list. So learn these skills and market yourself. You’ll be able to create more strategic content for your clients. And apply those skills to how you write for them in the future. 

I would recommend picking one key thing like building your Facebook or Instagram page. Focus on that for a week, a month or a quarter. However much time you have to devote to writing being your full-time or part-time thing. Then move on to the next popular platform. 

Hope these five key tips on “Freelance Writing for Beginners” help you become a successful writer. I simply have this love for writing and I am pursuing it, trying to make a career out of it. 

Believe that you can too. If you have any questions let me know in the comment section and I’ll be happy to get back to you. Thank you so much for reading. 

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